EM Tube Tunnel

Published on: Sep 06, 2015

By Ismail Adil

EM Tube Tunnel

An ideal way to send Spacecrafts and Satellites into Space with great efficiency.

From the time, the first rocket was launched into space and so, the first person walked on the moon, we human, dreamed to travel into space & beyond fairly often, and hoped it will become a realty quite soon. But due to technological and financial obstacles it is not yet practically possible to date. Mostly due to inefficient, bulky, expensive rocket propellant technology, but we have to praise this technology, which helped us to reach our space exploration into great heights in recent decades. And now, is the time to move into much efficient and cleaner technology to send spacecraft and satellites into space.
EM Tube Tunnel, an extremely lengthy electromagnetic accelerating tunnel can be built horizontally in arc shape in underground to send objects into space. It’s more like an Electromagnetic gun or Maglev Train track tunnel to accelerate spacecraft, inside the EM Tube Tunnel before it goes up.

How EM tube tunnel works
EM Tube Tunnel is a kind of an electromagnetic railway tunnel as shown in the diagram (fig.1) which runs beneath the cities, approximately about One thousand and five hundred kilometers in length horizontally (in arc shape), to accelerate spacecraft before it is airborne. It has to be designed precisely in a curved, kind of an arc shape (along a gravitational equipotential line) as diagram indicates, to stabilize gravity and to work at high velocities with safely and efficiently. And it has to be built in a way to reduce inside air pressure to create a partial vacuum, (kind of a Vactrain tunnel) to minimize air friction to accelerate efficiently. EM Tube Tunnel is like a Maglev Train track, and spacecraft works like a high speed Maglev Train. The spacecraft accelerates along the guideway of EM Tube Tunnel using electromagnets to create both lift and propulsion to work at minimal friction to attain final velocity for the launch. When the Spacecraft reaches the final velocity, it turns up in a Curved Bend from the EM Tube Tunnel track (like a roller-coaster carriage) and then it flies out from the Launching Muzzle to the atmosphere, goes up at a predefined velocity, into the space.

Note: The spacecraft will also have a small propulsion engine to control velocity, direction and for the re-entry.

Building EM Tube Tunnel; an immensely long tunnel, with engineering at unprecedented scale will have great difficulties, and cost of the project will be enormous. But compare to chemically propelled rocket engine technology, EM Tube Tunnel method might be quit efficient, because current Expendable Launch Systems are extremely heavy and one-time use only. And it requires huge amounts of thrust to be produced to send spacecraft and satellites into space, and therefore, it is quite inefficient and costly as every launch projects is extremely expensive. Hence such systems are quite inefficient for frequent use.
Using EM Tube Tunnel concept overcomes most of these problems. Once it is built, it can be used to send numerous artifacts into space with less energy, without burning tons of fuels to pollute environment. This might make EM Tube Tunnel, one of the most effective methods to send payloads into space. With this technology, satellites can be launched into orbit; Space probes can send to new worlds, Spacecraft can be sent to land on other celestial bodies for exploration and industrial missions, with cost effectively and efficiently. And hopefully with the help of EM Tube Tunnel, in the near future space tourism can make space industry sustainable, and affordable to all of us.