Hello, my name is Ismail Adil, I am an observer, researcher, thinker and kind of a dreamer, ambitious to know how the natural world works in every aspect, curious to learn its deepest mysteries, interested in creating new ideas to develop innovative concepts and to discover new things to expand my knowledge and wisdom.

Aspiration and aim of this blog is to share my thoughts and observations via internet and almost all the publications here are original works, but were not derived without knowledge of great minds of brilliant thinkers, scientists who dedicated their life to know the unknown. I have learnt some of their concepts and teachings through various mediums to understand the very nature of existence.

In this website, every project has not been tested or experimented in depth, but in general, almost all of the concepts, theories and ideas are based on scientific principles and will be within its parameters. However, some of my publications (essays and articles) are not being presented in an academic style, yet it tries to explain in simplest terms to deliver its core message to the common human being. And I believe some of these ideas might help to thrive into new theories or technologies and innovations one day, even it may not be exactly same as what I have proposed in this website, but its essence might be the jewel to develop a real life application for the greater good of humankind and the nature.

Also I would like to thank my brother and some of my friends for their dedicated support for helping me to revise my work, before it goes to the general public.


Thank you

Ismail Adil